Primary 1 - A Level Hindi Learning

Primary 1 - A Level Hindi Learning

Today, the bilingual education policy is the cornerstone of the Singapore Education System. It requires all the mainstream school students to offer two languages: Mother Tongue Language (MTL) and English Language (EL). 

The three official MTLs in Singapore are: Chinese, Malay & Tamil. In 1990, MOE allowed non-Tamil Indian students to offer a Non-Tamil Indian Language (NTIL) in lieu of an official MTL

The five approved NTILs are: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu

The Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL), a community body that oversees the delivery of NTIL instruction and assessment across school levels in Singapore.

The Hindi curriculum in Singapore is managed by The Board of Teaching & Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL).

Hindi Society follows the same curriculum material for the classes conducted for NTIL students.

The Hindi Lessons are conducted for the mainstream students, Primary 1 to A level, who have opted for Hindi as their Mother Tongue subject either at Weekend Centres or in some schools during curriculum time.

The Hindi Society Singapore

The Hindi Society (Singapore) is committed to continue teaching the Hindi Language with excellence in the decades to come.

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